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30th March 2014 by naffy
Happy Sunday my loves, and if you are a mother reading this happy mothers day to you all.

I thought I would do something a little bit different on the blog today and talk about our lovely mothers. For most girls some of the first beauty tips and advice we received (even if we did not always listen to it) came from our mothers so I thought it would be fun to look back in time and see what wonderful beauty tips some fellow bloggers got from their mothers that have stuck with them throughout the years.

Abi | Blog
My tip from my mum was to start waxing your legs really early to ensure smooth legs in your twenties! I had my first leg wax when I was about 14!!

Katie Aktinson | Blog
I learnt how from my mam how important a statement lip can be. She’s obsessed with a fuchsia pink lip!
Francesca Vaughn | Blog
My mum used to tell me to stay away from her makeup altogether but I’ve always snook in to her room to find out which products she is using. Even now I still have a nosey when I pop round!
Now my mum comes to me for tips and even asks me what products I recommend for her! Complete role reversal :)
My mum has always been a massive influence with makeup for me because she is always really natural and her skins so radiant. She’s 50 this year and still looks 40! I’m still trying to figure out her secret!
Cat Dickenson | Blog
My mum always told me that when I’m moisturising to never forget to do my neck or i’ll end up with a Deirdre Barlow neck. 
Chelsea Yates | Blog
A beauty tip I learnt from my mum was to always look after my skin, example taking my make up off every night before bed!

Sumairah Hussain | Blog
One tip I learnt was to cleanse, moisturise and wear less make up so it doesn’t age your skin.

Kayleigh Johnson | Blog
My mum always told me that it was important to start a skincare routine early to prevent ageing and she always told me the most important thing was to moisturiser twice a day. Of course my teenage self didn’t listen to her and I can’t count the amount of face wipes I went through and the amount of times I went to bed with a full face of makeup. Its safe to say I’ve since improved and I’m now a full fledged moisturiser! Yay – thanks for the tip mum!

One thing my mother taught me was the importance of skincare. I didn’t really wear make up till I was 20 years old but from the age of 11 I knew what a cleanser and Toner was! 
It was really nice hearing the different tips mothers give their daughters. I think it will be something that will continue for years to come. Thank you to everyone for getting involved and sharing your tips.
Mothers are such incredible parts of our lives we should take the time to tell them how much they mean to us not just today but throughout they ear too. 
What beauty tip did your mother leave to you?
Lots of love

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