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The Sunday Post | Five Things #5

7th February 2016 by naffy

Five Things (2) This week feels like it was a week of new discoveries. I am not sure how or why but I ended up gathering a lot of things I ended up falling in love with this month. Here are this weeks Five Things #5

Olympus Pen
As a  birthday present I ended up treating myself to the Olympus Pen EL7 and ever since I purchased it, I have not put the beauty down. I use it for my daytime job, take it around with me just so I am able to capture special moments.

The olympus Pen EL7 has a WiFi function and Flip Screen both of which makes blogging on the glow a lot more easier. I absolutely adore it. I still need to learn how to use it and grab the 45mm lens but come payday I know what I will be doing.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
A new read I took out this week has to be Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I adored the film Eat, Pray, Love which was based on her novel and decided I needed to read her latest book. Part Memoir Part self help book, Big Magic tells us about the ups and downs about creative living. As a creative person, I found it very interesting.

The Originals.
The Spin off Series of The Vampire Diaries is a show my sister has been watching which means naturally I ended up watching a few episodes. I started the show when it first aired but got busy and didn’t end up watching it all so it nice to be back in the game.

If you’re a blogger, you will know how loving the community can be. You can get a lot of support and appreciation from other bloggers and it is always great making new friends.

I recently took part in the Blognix chat and I was overwhelmed with how conversational and friendly and supportive other bloggers are. I am newbie in the blogging world. (Especially when it comes to this new layout) and I left the chat half and hour later than planned feeling as though I had a new team of friends. If you’re a fellow blogger, I would highly recommend taking part in the chat.

I enjoy travelling, getting on a train and just taking off. I went to Meadowhall this weekend and throughly enjoyed entering a new city and seeing an old friend. It is something I feel like I need to do it more.

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