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24th June 2019 by naffy

freestocks-org-139132-unsplash Summer is finally upon us. After the miserable rain, we have had during the start of the month, the sun is peaking through and with it a whole plethora of new books we can read in the park or cram into our suitcase to take with us to Greece. With that in mind, here is my summer reading wish list.

If Only by Melanie Murphy 

Melanie is such a wonderful storyteller and I am excited to read her first fiction novel. If Only centres around what happens when you wonder what life would have been like if only you went left instead of right? Through the main protagonist Erin we see how this can pan out. It is such an interesting concept and one we rarely see explored in literature so I am excited to delve into this.

How do you like me now by Holly Bourne 

Holly Bourne’s first foray into adult fiction sees her writing about how one’s life can look put together when in actual fact it is anything but. How do you like me now focuses on the modern millennial woman who is about to reach her 30th birthday and the expectations reaching the big 3-0 can bring. As someone who is about to go this phase of her life, it is refreshing to see this theme is being played out in a novel by one of my favorite contemporary authors.

Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams 

I adore Laura Jane Williams. She has a unique way of storytelling. Be it on her Instagram page, the articles she writes or her novels. Our Stop is her first fiction novel centering around two souls who get on the same bus at the same time. Nadia and Daniel have never spoken but one day Nadia spots Daniel reading a newspaper which included a note to her asking to get to know her more. The book explores the near misses, the will they won’t they element of events and going after true love.

The Paper Hearts and Society by Lucy Powrie 

As one of the only people in my year at school who adored reading and could literally live in her school library (in fact I pretty much did), It is exciting to see a book like Paper Hearts and Society which explores being yourself and not worrying about fitting in. It follows Tabby who loves books but is worried about letting the world into this and her weirdness. She comes across a group a kid who allows her to do exactly this but does she give in to her inhibitions or does she stay straight on the status quo?

The To Do List  and other debacles  by Amy Jones 

Another one of my favourite storytellers Amy is releasing her first book. A millennial memoir the book takes us through Amy’s friendships, marriage, career, and mental health. I know this book was not always easy for Amy to write and although I may be slightly biased, I am proud of her for sharing her story and putting it out there in the world.

What books are on your summer reading list?


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