The September Sourced Box

23rd September 2016 by naffy

img_0778 img_0779 If you read my Five Reasons to try Sourced Box post, you will know, arriving home from work to the green package is one of my favourite parts of the week. The September Sourced Box was no exception, in fact, I think it was the best one I have come across yet.

As always, I wanted to share with you everything that comes in the box because I like talking about food and it is a g great way to see if Sourced Box is for you.

The Beginnings Oat & Bilberry Cookies

You all know I love a good cup of tea and there is nothing better than ending the day with a cuppa and some biscuits. I opened this with the idea of only eating a couple but I ended up eating the entire box. These cookies were absolutely delicious. They are honestly like mini bites of Flapjacks. The beginnings do these cookies as well as macaroons and chips which I may have to look in too.

Halo Wholefoods  Salted Caramel Bliss Balls

I did not know what to expect what I opened this packet of Bliss Balls as I find these kind of balls can be a bit of a hint or miss but the Halo Wholefoods Salted Caramel Bliss Balls were incredible. The first thing I noticed was how big they were. You imagine Bliss Balls to be small but they were rather big. I also found there was a big hint of coconut to them which added a nice kick to them. Made with wholesome ingredients   if you are looking for a pre or post gym snack this would be it. They do a Mint Cacao one which I NEED to get my hands on.

Hangry Food Co – Berry The Rage Bar

First of all, I love the way The Hangry Food Co name their bars. The Berry The Rage Bar is a delicious fruit and nut bar which is great if you are on the go. I love a good snack bar made from whole ingredients such as this. If you like the Nakd Bars, I have a feeling you would love this. They have a whole range and while I would not go out of my way to purchase them, if I found them in a shop I would pick one up.

Sweet Virtues Chocolate Halo Thins

Holy Crumcake, these are delicious. I actually dunked these in my tea and ate them. Made with 67% Dark Chocolate it is not too bitter but rich enough to fulfil my chocolate cravings. Wholesome Chocolate brands can be hard to come by so I was absolutely delighted to come across Sweet Virtues, there is a Maqui Berry flavour I want to try.

Emily Fruit Crips – Banana Crips

I have come across Emily Fruit Crips in Holland & Barrets but have never given them a go so I squealed a little bit when I saw these in this months box. They are like a sweet crips and you can eat the packet you are left wanting more. As these are not too hard to get a hold off, I may have to give them another try.

Wyldsson – Green Raisin and Barberries Promix

This is a fruit and seed mix you can add to a salad or pop in your mouth on the go. When it comes to snacking I prefer something a bit more sweet but for salads this is great.

Louola’s Superfood – Quinoa Spirnkles

I will have to admit I have not tried these. I passed them on to my mother as they were up her street. She is always looking to see what comes in my Sourced Box so I thought she would appreciate this as she eats a lot of berries and yoghurt. Again you can use this as a granola mix or on salads.

Cocofina – Coconut Oil

Yay for coconut oil. I actually do not cook with coconut oil so I was excited this came in this months box. I make curries all the time so I decided to use this while making a spinach and potato curry.

Pana Chocolate – Wild Orange and Vanila

Oh my goodness, you all know I adore Pana Chocolate. They were a part of my first Sourced Box so I was happy to come across them in this months box. There is something classic about Orange and Chocolate as a food combination and this was creamy, melt in your mouth goodness.

Tapped Birch Water – Bilberry and Lingonberry

When I first tried this I was not sure I liked it. It had a slight bitter taste to it however there was a sweetness to it too. It reminded me and my friend who also gave it a try of Cranberry Juice. If you want to try flavoured water which tastes real and fresh this is one to try. I probably would not pick up the original one of this in the store but the flavoured ones are worth the slight extra money.

So yes, I was rather excited about this months Sourced Box. If you are interested in Subscribing to Sourced Box, you get all of this for under £20. There is still time to grab your October box if you want to give it a try.

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  • asma
    24th September 2016 / Reply

    ooh pana chocolate sounds wicked, never heard of it before but you’re right about orange and chocolate, go perfectly!

  • MissPond
    24th September 2016 / Reply

    What a great box and great value too.

  • Laura
    3rd October 2016 / Reply

    This looks like a great box! I love the sound of everything x


  • The Made Up Maiden
    6th October 2016 / Reply

    Oh yum, these look delish!!

    Sweet Virtues Chocolate Halo Thins were what caught my eye immediately…I do like Pana, though, and orange/dark chocolate is my weakness!