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The Primark Lip Liner you need

23rd June 2016 by naffy

Primark Lip Liner Primark Lip Liner As someone who loves a good lip liner, I can be quite fussy. I know the formula and lasting power I want from them and can tell almost instantly if I like a lip liner or not. When I came across this Primark Lip Liner, the excitement levels were high and it made it’s way in to my basket.

PS Beauty is the name of Primarks own make up line which includes mascara and eyebrow products but the only pieces I came across was the Lip Liners which comes in 4 shades. I chose the shade dark pink which is a nice mauve shade.

The first thing I noticed was that the shade was a little bit lighter on my lips than it appears in the pencil which would have been a slight pain but it worked with my skin tone so I did not mind too much.

It has a creamy matte texture which makes it easy to apply on the lips. There is no drying or tugging on the lips when applying this making it easier for a lipstick to be applied on top of it.

One let down is the lasting power is not as strong as some of the other lip liners I own, which may be a pain if you prefer wearing a lip liner on it’s own but personally, I do not mind reapplying lip products so this does not bother me.

The main reason I love this lip liner is the price. It literally costs £1 and I prefer it in comparison to a couple of the other lip liners within my collection.

If you were looking to find good lip liner but pay day is a while away or you do not want to spend too much on them, this is the lip liner for you.

  • Jasmine
    23rd June 2016 / Reply

    I need to try PS’s makeup range – I have the makeup sponges and I’m a big fan! I’ve seen this lip liner quite a lot lately so I feel I should try it! xxx

    Jasmine ||