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The Monday Refresh – Soap & Glory Bright and Beautiful sheet mask | Review

15th January 2018 by naffy

Brightening Face mask After a busy weekend of the vigour of a busy Monday, it is nice to give your face a little refresh and what better way to do that with a face mask. You may know I have a troubled history with Sheet Masks, I just find them a little bit fiddly to work with and would rather use a regular face mask. I was however, intrigued by the Soap & Glory Bright and Beautiful sheet mask.

The Soap & Glory Bright and Beautiful sheet mask contains a boost of Vitamin C, Rooibos Tea Extract and flattersphere to help boost radiance on the skin.

As I mentioned it is a sheet mask and I have to say it was not unpleasant to apply. It was soaked in the solution and there was a very orange scent from the moment I open the packet which I actually liked as it felt fresh. It was however extremely cold when you put it on the face which I didn’t enjoy.

After applying the Soap & Glory Bright and Beautiful sheet mask , you leave it on the skin for 15-20 minutes and while this can seem like a long time you can wear it while catching up on a Youtube video or watching an episode of The Good Place. It actually fitted nicely on the face. I was able to do a load of laundry without worrying it would go all over the place. So it is great if you are someone who would like to do a mask but feel like they do not have the time to sit down with a mask on their face for 15-20 miuntes.

When you remove it you are left with a little bit of the formula which you can rub into the skin for maximum effect. As soon as I did this, my skin felt fresh and plump almost instantly.

It is £3.50 which is on the budget friendly end of one time sheet masks and you can usually find them on offer in Boots and it is worth it for a nice little treat and pick me up.

Have you tried the Soap & Glory Bright and Beautiful sheet mask? They have a have a range of masks depending on your skincare routine. The one I am keen to try next is the eye masks.

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