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The Monday Podcast Playlist

29th April 2019 by naffy

Podcasts podcasts to listen too Podcasts Every Monday needs a fresh new lease of life to get the week flowing. For me, that comes from reading, listening to podcasts and also, music. With that in mind, I thought I would share a Monday podcast playlist which will have you up and ready for the week ahead.

Power Hour with Adrienne Herbert 

I am a big morning person and I think the way you wake up and start your day is very important in term of setting up for the day. Your Power Hour can be whenever you want it to be depending on your lifestyle but essentially, it is the hour which is vital to your day. This can be the hour when you wake up and your morning routine or the way you wrap up the end of the day.

The Waiting Room with Dr. Alex 

Yes, I watched Love Island but it was only after the show finished did I fall in love with Dr. Alex and his empathetic large heart. This podcast is an extension of his medical-related Instagram stories. Along with his friend and colleague Dr. Ella Daniels where along with qualified guests, touch on topics such as sexual health, needle phobia and more just to name a few. The show is incredibly relatable and gives you answers to the health questions we all have but often don’t ask.

Unsubscribe with Jade and Louise 

The connecting app Bumble (It is much more than a dating app connecting businesses and friends as well as matchmaking two people looking for love.) Jade and Louise both delve interview some amazing people such as Gina Martin and Bryony Gordon who share their personal stories. It highlights what motivates them as women but also as a human. It shows how we can all find our inner power and the importance of where we place our energy.

FY News Briefing 

It takes me precisely 10 minutes to get my face ready for the day. That is usually the length of the Financial Times news briefing sharing the topline news from around the world. It is a great way to keep up with what is going on the world and if I want to learn more about a particular story I can.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty 

I have probably mentioned this before and I thought I would do so again. Jay Shetty is London born who went from dabbling in the party lifestyle to living as a monk and now helping people live their best life. He interviews some incredible people you don’t always see on the podcast circuit. He has a unique style of getting his guest to open up and share their journey. My favorite interviews are Danielle Monet, Lily Singh, and Russell Brand to name just a few. Usually, when I discover a new podcast I don’t always go back through the entire catalog but my god, there is a lot of greatness in this series I need to listen too.

All of these shows give me a good dose of motivation not just on Mondays but throughout the week too.

What is on your Monday podcast playlist?

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