Letter to my future self

The Mental Struggles of gaining weight

28th February 2019 by naffy

Letter to my future self Nafisah Letter to my future self Regardless of whether you are recovering from an eating disorder or trying to gain weight for other health reasons, gaining weight, is more of a struggle than people realise. As a society we are told women need to lose weight not put it on so, in the early stages of trying to gain weight, it can be hard to wrap your mind around. 

So how do you get around the mental health and push through? That is a very tough question but what I will say is that it is possible. Here is what I learned on my own journey.

I find it hard to speak to people about anything personal but speaking to someone really does help. If you cannot do it with someone you know, try and find a therapist, someone you can talk too in confidence who you know will listen to your insecurities and not laugh at them will help. An alternative to this is keeping a journal. Not a dear diary journal so to speak but keep a notebook where you can write down all your thoughts about food and your weight down. This way it is out of your head clearing room for other thoughts. It also helps you understand what you are feeling.

Through this journey, I learnt to listen to my body. Realigning yourself with your body and what it needs is a very powerful tool. It gives you permission to be kind to yourself. Initially, it felt a bit selfish but ultimately, it makes you a happier person and a better person to be around. Now I know when I need time by myself, or an evening eating chocolate watching films and giving myself permission to do exactly this without feeling guilty.

It is also important to note, it is ok to take your time. Taking it day by day is the way to go. Do not set some big goal when putting on the weight but set small goals and appreciate the small wins. It will give you the motivation to keep going.

So going on back to the initial question, So how do you get around the mental health and push through? That is a very tough question I am still on that journey with you. It can be frustrating, lonely, but ultimately, it is worth it.

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