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The March Sourced Box | Food Review

31st March 2017 by naffy

Healthy Snacks vegan snacks IMG_4181 Another month, Another Sourced Box has landed in my mailbox. As always there were some delicious treats in the March Sourced Box which I could not wait to tuck in too and share with you.

Original Nutter Bar | Hangry Food Co

I have herd a lot about these bars and I did enjoy it. It tasted quite similarly to any other nut and fruit bar. However for me it lacked the flavour you can from other bars such as the Nakd Bars. While I would buy it again if there a lack of options and I was in a bind. I probably wouldn’t pick up this particular flavour again.

Peach and Lychee Drink | Cape Drinks

I absolutely loved this! This tasted delicious. It was refreshing and would be perfect on a warm day when you want a quick fix.

Pear Crips | Spare Fruit

I love spare fruits and have had a few packets of their apple crips so I was excited to give this a go. I have to say I was impressed. They did get a hard to chew and I prefer the apple ones but this was a nice sweet treat.

Cacao, Chia & Blueberry Raw Bliss Balls | The Bondi Kitchen

This was my favourite find from the March Sourced Box (I already loved Pana Chocolate) on face value it sounded like there may be a bit of bitter taste to it however the flavours especially the cocoa powder were prominent but not over powering. It comes in a resealable bag too which means you can leave them at your desk to have during the 3:00 slump most of us experience. They have a berry flavour one which looks interesting too.

Apricot, Baobab & Tigernut Munchies | Raw Gorilla

Probably the fail from the box for me personally. It was nice and Definately editable but there was too much going on in the little bits which just didn’t seem to jell well together for me. This is the one from the box which you will know is healthy and good for you when you taste it. The others so far you could mistake them for sweet treats which is what I like in my snacks.

Nuts Bar | Pana Chocolate

I mean my love for this brand of chocolate is well documented on my blog. I adore it and the Nut flavour was no exception. Normally I am not a nut and chocolate mix kind of girl but the way the nuts embedded in to the creamy rich pana chocolate seemed to work. Pana Chocolate happens to be my go to for an ultimate indulgent dairy free chocolate and my only wish Is that I had more easy access to it.

Tamari Roasted Almonds | Clearsprings

I have made a discovery guys. I love almonds. Not just almond butter but actual almonds. I had previously stayed away from them so I was quite glad to give these a go. The Tamari isn’t overpowering it just adds a little flavour to the nuts. Clear springs have a range of nuts so if you are fan of tiger nuts or Brazil nuts they are worth checking out for nuts with a twist.

All in all I adored this months sourced box and was happy to discover some great Brands. The next one is due to come out and it is going to be my last ever one! The reason being is that I have the box for almost a year now and feeel like I have been lucky to discover enough healthy brands though the box to give me tools to find them by myself.
Luckily it is going to be a Easter filled one so I have a feeling I will ending my Sourced box journey with a bang.

If you have yet to try a sourced box and are a serial like snacker like me, this is one subscription box you need to try.

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