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Does it work? The Lip Plumping Gel from Skyn Iceland | Review

15th May 2018 by naffy

Lip Mask Lip Mask IMG_9759 Back in the day, I use to rave about the brand Skyn Iceland eye gels, which are an absolute life saviour when you have puffy eyes and want to look awake stat, so when I came across there lip plumping gel masks, I was intrigued.

As the name suggest, the Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gels are a lip mask which does more than just hydration. I originally wanted to use it because my lips were dry and needed a bit of a boost. After doing some research, I found it actually does more than that.

Not only does it help with moisture, it also works to prevent wrinkles from around the lips as well make them appear more luscious and full. This is why when you apply it on to the lips you have to make sure it is covering the skin around the lips too, otherwise you do not get the most out of the mask. I actually have quite small lips so this wasn’t a problem for me and I think it is big enough most people will not have to worry about it fitting around the lips.

Unlike sheet masks which take a bit of manuvering to stay on the face, the gel helps the masks stay on the skin which is a relief and means you can either relax and enjoy the me time or go about finishing up some chores while the mask does it thing. As it was Sunday evening, this time around I decided to kick back with a youtube video.

You leave the mask on for 10minutes and during that time, it does create a cooling sensation but that is perfectly normal. It it a gel version of a clay mask drying up to show it has done it work. After the 10 minutes are over and you remove the gel from the lips, the sensation goes away.

After removing it, I found my lips were more soft and hydrated. The next day when I applied my lipstick there were no creases and it glided on like a dream. When it plumps your lips it doesn’t do so in a noticeable way, in fact while my lips may have looked a bit bigger, it is not something other than myself would have noticed. So while the effects of the masks were minimal I think this was due to the condition of your lips. The worse your lips are, the more likely you are to see a drastic improvement.

I think the key to a mask like this is consistency. It comes in a pack of five and at £30 a pack if you have lips which are a little bit worse for wear or need to look after the skin surrounding the lips, the Skyn Iceland lip plumping gel masks are worth giving a try.

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