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The June Sourced Box

30th June 2016 by naffy

Healthy Snacks IMG_9315 Pana Chocolate Dried Fruit what a melon water When it comes to healthy snacking, it can be hard to find the right foods to foods. Labels can get confusing, the granola bar may not be as healthy as we imagines or that juice may have far more sugar than we are happy with. For this reason I was extremely happy to come across Sourced Box

Sourced Box is a business designed by Content Creators Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler along with their friend Max. Both Marcus and Niomi have studied nutrition and transformed their lives. Having watch their journey I knew they were the ones to trust when it comes to healthy snacking. They have produced a subscription box featuring the best of best healthy snacks.

This months box contains 10 full sized snacks. The first thing I noticed was the presentation, it was beautifully packaged and came with a lovely menu. The first thing I picked up was the What a Melon which is a carton of Watermelon. The first thing I did was put this in the fridge and once it was nice and cold gave it a try. If you love Watermelon, you will love this, especially on a warm day as this is very refreshing and just makes you feel good and hydrated.

Fun fact – If you are not a fan of Coconut Water, this is a great alternative as it provides you with all the goodness you would expect from Coconut Water.

The next thing my eyes went for was they Pana Chocolate Sour Cherry and Vanilla Bar. I had herd Jess mention this in her Vegan June videos and wanted to give it a try. This is hands down the smoothest delicious dark clean chocolate I have come across. I love dark chocolate anyway but this is on another level. I actually made a Planet Organic Order and bought two bars of the stuff. It goes well with a cup of tea or if you like porridge I have placed it in the middle and let it melt for a chocolate treat.

I was intrigued with the Mange Tout and Red Pepper Snack by the brand Nothing But. It is just a dried vegetable alternative to crips. They were ok but I will admit, there was a slight powdery taste. While I wouldn’t purchase this straight away, if I came across them in the shop and was slightly hungry I would pick it up. They  also have other flavours which would be interesting to try.

The next thing I tried was the Apple, Blueberry and Banana Fruit Snack by the brand Snact. This is my kind of jam. If you like traditional dried fruit, this is one to give a try. It has no added sugars or preservatives in it and is strictly fruit. I took this with me in my bag and it is the perfect travel snack.

A surprising thing I liked from the box was the NOM Cranberry and Cacao Bar. I originally thought this would be a traditional bar which I generally stay away from, however this was absolutely delicious and full of superfoods and cold pressed ingredients. I have since discovered, they have popcorn and other bars I may have to try.

Maple Syrup Activated Almonds by Raw Ecstasy was the next thing I opened and gave a go. Now I love Almond Butter, however Raw Almonds are not my nut of choice but these had something about them. I kept theses at my desk. I think the Maple Syrup took away some of the bitterness you find in Almonds.

I find Granola to be one of the most hardest things to pick up in stores. Many are full of sugar and filled with bits and pieces you would not expect in something that is supposed to be deemed healthy, which is why I was excited to see the Orange and Cashew Granola from Primrose Kitchen. Cashews are my favourite nut and so versatile. You probably should add some yoghurt and fruit but I just ended up eating them from  the tub. What I liked about this was the Orange did not overpower the granola which was nice.

The next two things from the box were the Chilli Bites Munchy Seeds and the Spicy BBQ Coconut Jerky. Now I am not the biggest fan of chilli but I found both of these pleasant to eat. They are not my snack of choice but if you like BBQ, Coconut or snacking on seeds, they will be for you.

And last in the box was the Raspberry Ripple bar by the Squirrel Sisters. I had actually tried this before. It is tasty, however there are other bars out there which I find have the same ingredients or just as clean which I enjoy a little bit more.

I was very happy with the June Sourced Box, I discovered some great bits to try and have repurchased some of the snacks I discovered through the box.

For £18:95 a month, you get a little surprise sent to your house full of goodies you can indulge in knowing they are nutritious for you. I cannot wait to find out what July’s Sourced Box has in store.

Have you tried Sourced Box or do you have favourite healthy snacks? Let me know.

  • Isabella
    30th June 2016 / Reply

    Great post! Would love to try the watermeloen water! :)
    http://www.isabellaschoice.com Isabella x

  • Nellwyn
    1st July 2016 / Reply

    I’m always in the market for healthy snacks and they’re often so hard to find! I’ll have to find a version of Sourced Box that ships to Canada.

  • Ursula
    4th July 2016 / Reply

    I am glad that you have found a great healthy food sub to try out these goodies!! I love coconut & BBQ so I would give it a try out of curiosity :)



  • Laura Jane
    5th July 2016 / Reply

    What a lovely box! It all looks super yummy, especially the Almonds they are my favourite nuts!! the fact that they are coated in maple syrup sounds so delicious – Fab post xox