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9th March 2018 by naffy

Nafisah Atcha I won’t lie, my weekends are just as jam packed as the working week but for as long as I can remember, Friday nights use to be one of those evenings where I would relax and wind down. It is the evening which signals the end of the working week and marks the start of the weekend. If you’re like me and like to unwind on the evening, here are Friday Night Destressers which work for me.

Catching up on Netflix 

So if you know me or if you follow me on social media, you will know the majority of Friday evenings are spent catching up on the shows I have missed on Netflix. I come home from work, get in my comfys. I do a little social media check and by 9pm I am all ready to have a little Netflix binge. Usually, Riverdale followed by Dynasty but they have recently been on hiatus so I have a little snoop around and see what tickles my fancy.

Do a Fun Activity 

So if sitting in is not for you, another way to destress is to do something fun. This could be a martial arts class, going for a meal with a friend or if you are saving money museums and places like this are usually free and if you live in London are open until 10pm. I often use Friday evenings to go too Westfields or Primark on my way home.

Step away from emails 

In point one I mentioned social media and I won’t lie this does include me quickly checking in on my emails. This is usually because I do not have my blog emails on my phone and also there are some emails I like to answer on my laptop rather than on my phone but after a quick check I step away from them for the evening.

Have an easy meal 

Living by myself and cooking for one can get a little bit meh. Sometimes it is nice to not worry too much about what you are going to eat. Fridays are usually the evening when I will either have some leftovers or stick some quorn fish fingers in the over and make a fish finger sandwich. There is honestly nothing better.

Be spontaneous 

Before moving to London, making plans during the week completely throw me off and while they do not throw me off anymore, If I have a choice I plans with friends on Friday evenings. I am also an introverted extrovert, so if I do feel like seeing friends that week, I will do my best to make last minutes plans. Sometimes I will rope my housemates into a mini film evening combining a little bit of all of the above.

These are definitely not the only way to spend your Friday evenings but if like me you need one evening to wind down and Friday is that evening for you too, I hope you this gives you some tips on tricks on some Friday night destressers you can incorporate in to your evening.

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