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The films to snuggle up to this Holiday period

23rd December 2018 by naffy

Netflix Christmas Films Netflix has been killing the game with it’s holiday film collection and I am here for it. My mother and I love nothing more than a cold afternoon watching cheesy christmas films which is exactly what we plan to do today. If you fancy doing the same, here are some to kick start your film marathon.

Love Actually

This has been my ultimate christmas film for years. Admittedly, there are areas which haven’t aged well but every time I watch this I laugh and cry in the exactly the same places. If you haven’t seen this film yet it follows six different people from different backgrounds as they go through their quest to find love.

The Holiday Calendar

This follows Kat Graham (From The Vampire Diaries) who feels lost and trapped in her current life. Her grandfather gives her a calendar which belonged to her grandmother. As she opens the calendar, she realises it is special. I still need to watch this but this from the trailer it is going to give me all the good christmas filled vibes, without being too over the top and cheesy.

Sabrina: A winter wonderland

This is another one I have yet to watch – mainly because I am working my way through the series which came out on Halloween. It is essentially a christmas version of the show. If you fancy an alternative to a cheesy christmas film, this would be it.

The Holiday

Did you know I have only ever seen this film twice? But it a classic which some amazing scenes of the British country side. It follows Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet who are both unlucky in love and decide to fly across the world and swap houses. Nothing life altering truly happens but it is filled with cute moments and Jude Law. What else does a christmas movie need?

Have you seen any of the Festive Favourites on Netflix yet? If you have let me know which ones to add to my list.


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