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4th February 2019 by naffy

January To Do List After sharing my January to do list, I thought I would share what the February to do list.

See A Star Is Born 

Can you believe I have yet to see one of the most talked about films last year? Me either. Luckily it is still showing in some cinemas and is also being released on DVD so this month is finally the month, I will be watching it.

Upload a Youtube video

After taking a little hiatus from the world of YouTube, I am planning to upload at least one video this month. I am a little bit nervous so all I can say is wish me luck.

Go for more walks

London has made me appreciate walking more and exploring different areas of London. Walking really clears my head and the fresh air as cheesy as it sounds makes a difference to my day. So that means more walks on the way to work, during my lunch break and getting out of the house on the weekend.

Finish a Udemy course 

I signed up to do a Udemy writing course a while so it is about time I get on it actually make my way through it. I’ve done a few online courses and if you like learning it is worth looking into.

Start a new project 

I have a project up my sleeve which I am hoping to start this month. I am going to be annoying and say I do not want to share any more than that right now but keep your eyes peeled. I am hoping you are all going to love it.

What is on your to-do list this month?

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