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The Ethical Gift Guide for all occasions| Life

20th December 2018 by naffy

Ethical Gift Guide I adore giving gifts. It can be a great way to show someone how much they mean to you. However, I do tackle with this and the need to be more sustainable and ethical and I know I am not the only one, which is why I thought I would share this little Ethical gift guide and a little tip at the end on how you can wrap them up if you like.


If you are use to buying someone clothes or bath products which may end up either in a bin bag or at the back of cupboard, give them a book to sink their teeth into. Personally, as a reader, my book wish list is never ending and would be more thankful and appreciative if someone gave me a book rather than any alternatives

Three Six Five Diary

A diary is a non negotiable for me in order to stay organised. Three Six Five is a vegan and sustainable stationary brand which I adore. The diaries are a little it expensive but they do have offers at the moment. They also have notebooks and the most adorable key rings and prints.

Sevenseventeen Candle

If you know someone who loves a candle and want to get them a candle they may never had tried before I would high recommend the Seven Seventeen Candles. I have the unplugged one and it is a treat(I found it so soothing I pretty much fall asleep when I burn this) . All the candles are plant based and a pound from each purchase is given to a mental health charity.

Suli Box Subscription

This is one I am actually considering getting for myself for a while. The Suli Box is like any subscription box but the twist is that it is all the products are zero waste and plastic free. If there is someone in your life who is interested in living more consciously this can be a great way to fine alternative to some of your every day essentials.

Reusable Cutlery

How many of us make lunch for work but wrap it in plastic? I use to be very guilty of this. They are ways to get around this. For example, I take a tupperware for my sandwiches and any fruit I take I make sure it is loose like banana or frozen berries which I have defrosted to munch on and just pop it in a tub I can rewash. Gifting this to someone will help them make a step in reducing their plastic consumption. The brand Monbento do some swoon worthy gift options but equally if you are on more of a budget regular supermarkets have a good selection to choose from.

A Shared Experience

Nothing beats spending time with your loved ones. It also happens to be one of the best ethical gifts you can give someone. Be it a trip to the park for a picnic or a trip to see their favourite theatre or podcast, there is something very special and meaningful about taking the time out of your day for those you love which they will appreciate a lot more than most other gifts.

In terms of gift wrapping, if you are someone who likes to wrap gifts is to use newspaper and decorate it nicely with old bits of ribbons ect. The newspaper is easier to decompose than regular wrapping paper and is also most easily reusable. If you are worried about how it may look (which I wouldn’t worry about fyi) pop it in a reusable paper gift bag.

I am still learning about all of this but I hope this has helped you out some what.

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