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The DIMLY Series (Part 1) | Book Review

31st May 2018 by naffy

Did I mention I love you book review Did I mention I need you book review Let me start off by saying I was very behind the times when it came to discovering the DIMLY series but let me know I am so infatuated with the words of Estelle Maskame, I have already finished reading all three books – not just once but twice. 

The first book in the series is called Did I mention I love you? and it follows sixteen year old Eden as she goes to spend a summer with her Dad in Santa Monica. After not seeing her dad for three years, she has to figure out how she feels about not just about him but her new family, in particular her step brother  the rebellious Tyler Bruce, who she is sure she hates – or so she thinks. It soon becomes clear that in fact both Tyler and Eden are going to get a lot more closer to each other than they bargained for and they are not sure how to deal with it.

I fell in love with Estelle’s writing the moment I started reading the book. It is naturally very descriptive and the scenes throughout the book appear so vivid I can actually picture them playing out in my mind. From the parties in the book to places in Santa Monica I didn’t know exist but now I have the urge to visit.

Following the same vein is the second book in the series, Did I mention I need you. We pick up the story a year later. Eden and Tyler have not seen each other in a year, yet they are about to spend the summer together in New York. We see them trying to navigating their relationship – do they carry on step siblings or give in to the sexual chemistry neither of them can deny runs through them.

With a new city to play with – Estelle has a magical way of making the reader feel they are present in the novel itself watching the story unfolds. You can see Eden and Tyler walking across central park almost as if you are there walking alongside them.

The books are full of emotions which will have you in deep thoughts and left feeling tingly hours after you have read it.  The more I read, the tighter my chest would get. I felt every emotion whilst reading this series. Happiness, breathlessness, frustration, even sadness. The book brings up issues to do with drug addiction, abuse, mental health and intense love in a well thoughtout manner. None of the issues are over done and are presented  how you would expect them to do in real life making the characters even more relatable allowing us to feel empathy for Tyler and heartbroken and confused for Eden.

I won’t lie, there are some quite intimate scenes in both books which adds to the intensity and harshness of Eden and Tylers Relationship so this is not one for young readers but if you are prepared for them, this is a good series to sink your teeth into. I honestly did not want either book to end and wish my head could stay in this DIMLY Bubble forever.

Have you read the DIMLY series? There are two more books in the series (the third and final part of the trilogy along with a special bonus book which is going to be released next month) so keep an eye out for part of the DIMLY Series book review.

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