SPF 50 for the face

The Budget SPF Everyone Needs

8th May 2018 by naffy

SPF 50 for the face Budget SPF As a coloured person, I know it can be quite easy to think your face or body does not need protecting from harsh sun rays  but the reality is our skin is not exempt  from sun damage, ageing and skin cancer. As the weather has been picking up, I did some digging and came across the Solait, by Superdrug anti ageing face fluid at their Vegan pop up store in Shoreditch.

The main reason I like this is because it is factor 50. As someone who has a south Asian skin tone I need a stronger SPF to make it affective. I rarely come across factor 50 face products so I snapped it up as soon as I saw it.

Unlike some of the more traditional sunscreens, Solait is not heavily scented making it quite a nice experience to use. The scent gives me the holiday feels but in a very good way.

It is a durable lotion so does take a couple of minutes to settle. After applying it I wait a couple of minutes to apply my make up. Aside from that though it really does sit well on the skin and my made up face sits well on top of it.

Yes it does give an initial white cast to the face when you first apply it to the skin but only a small amount in comparison to other sun screens I have used. The only time I notice it is when it is first applied.  The casts dissolves as you rub it into the skin.

It does has the words anti ageing on the bottle but protecting your skin from the sun is so much more that and something I am learning a lot more about and consciously considering when it comes to skincare.

Probably the biggest plus to me is the lack of alcohol in the product. Usually skin screen contains a high level of alcohol which affects the smell and the way it feels on the skin. So much so that I have stopped using them. The Solait Face Fluid has the smallest amount of medical alcohol and it is not overpowering which is an added bonus.

Aside from the above, factor 50 is  hard to find on the high street so it is nice to seek Superdrug do such a great product for under £5.00. The whole range includes body products too which I will be picking up.

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