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The Birthday Wish List | Beauty

30th January 2018 by naffy

Urban Decay Naked Basics Melanie Murphy I know my birthday has come and gone but I didn’t want to write this post before my birthday as I really didn’t want my friends and family to spend money on me but I do know birthday presents can be hard to get right for some people which is why I thought I would share a birthday wish list for someone who is beauty, home and gym obsessed.

Diptyque Candle 

This is one of those gifts which is luxury, beautiful worth every penny but not something you would think to pick up for yourself. If you know a candle lover, this is one to pick up for them. I got one in the scent Amber last year and I cannot stop thinking about it.

A Book 

If you are a reader, you will know, one can never have enough books. Personally my book list never ends. You can always ask the person if there are any books they have their eye on or take a look anther bookshelf and look out for their favourite author. I also have a book section on this very blog with recommendations if you are interested.

Aerin Perfume 

When it comes to gifts, I like to buy people things they would not think to buy themselves and for some reason people do not tend to buy perfume for themselves. I would highly recommend an Aerin Perfume for two reasons. One – they have a variety of scents so there will be one within the collection which would appeal to you and two – the scents and bottles are beautiful and reserve to be spoken about more.

Gymshark Outfit 

If you are in your twenties, there is a chance you are in too working out. Be it going for walks, doing yoga or a spin class. If you don’t there is a part of you that wants too but just feels unable too. I went to my first  class in London and there was a part of me that thought I needed to be kitted out in the latest gym gear. With that in mind, I found myself stalking the Gymshark website. While you do not need the latest gym gear to work out, it can do wonders for your confidence in the gym and a little treat doesn’t hurt.

Theatre Tickets 

An experience like the Theatre is one of the most special thing you can give someone. If you know there is a band or play your friend or loved one would enjoy purchasing a ticket for you and them allows you to create a memory you will cherish forever. Some of my favourite memories with my friends are going to concerts and watching a live performance and sharing that is honestly priceless.


I often get asked about skincare and which products to use. I love introducing people to new products and brands which I know will work for their skin so I like treating them to a serum or moisturiser I know will work.

I will say though – the best gift of all as cheesy as it may sound is spending time with with the person whose birthday it is. Be it for brunch or a cup of tea. Time is priceless and something which last the longest.

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