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The best drugstore foundation?! | Review

8th August 2017 by naffy

Best Drugstore Foundation The ordinary review It is no secret I am fussy when it comes to foundation. Not only does it need to be the correct shade, it needs to feel right on the skin and look like my skin. My go to has been the NARS Sheer Glow foundation, that was until I came across what has to be the best drugstore foundation. Say hello to The Ordinary Full Coverage Foundation.

First of all, I have to say the term full coverage in this instance is a little miss leading. It is full coverage in the same way in which the NARS Sheer glow foundation is seen to be full coverage. What I mean by this is that your skin feels like skin and it looks natural rather than looking cake like which some full coverages can appear on the skin.

A little bit goes a very long way. I did a full first impression video on the foundation and as you can see I use the smallest amount and it completely evens out my skin tone. I get a little bit of redness on my nose and this completely gets rid of that.

The main reason I love this foundation is the healthy glow it gives my skin. By glow, I don’t mean shiny highlights glow but more of the kind of subtle glow which lifts your face and gives it a slightly uumph. There is something magical about the way it looks on the face.

When you apply it, it blends perfectly into the skin. I have normal to dehydrated skin and it doesn’t sit in any lines. I have applied it using both my fingers and the Bobbi Brown full coverage foundation brush and have to say it works well with both.

The shade range is also easy to navigate. When I looked online and in the store, I knew which shades to look towards as they were not only numbered but labelled based on the undertones to your skin. So I am the shade 2.1 Y. The Y standing for yellow undertones to the skin. I think this is exactly why the Foundation has been a hit with pretty much everyone who has tried it. The little extra care they have gone too when creating the shade has made it easier for us to find the best shades for our skin. They have a total of 21 shades ranging from paler skin tones to deeper skin tones. While I am not sure how deep, the deep shades actually run that is an extensive shade range so there is should be a shade for the majority of both my paler and deeper skinned ladies out there.

I’ve compared The Ordinary Full Coverage Foundation to NARS Sheer glow not only does perform the same – I get the same excited feeling to apply my foundation with this as I do with NARS Sheer Glow. The best part of this is? The Ordinary will only set me back £6 a bottle for the same amount of product. The best part of this is? The Ordinary will only set me back £6 a bottle for the same amount of product.

Have you tried The Ordinary full coverage foundation? Do you think it is the best drugstore foundation? Let me know.




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