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The Art of Perfume | Review

11th August 2017 by naffy

Ghost Perfume beauty review You see a perfume bottle and to many of us, it can be hard to see the hard to see the work that goes behind in creating the scents of some of our well-loved perfumes. A couple of weeks ago – I became just how much goes into the art of perfume.

The main part of the perfume is the base note – the base note is what you initially smell when you spray the perfume. These range from Oud to floral and woody scents. Thanks to The perfume shop who provide a master in the art of perfume for their workers I know now the base note I need to ask for when I am looking for a perfume is one which has an Oriental note to it.

When you are picking your perfume something I also noted is there is no difference in the quality between Eu De Parfum and Eu De Toilette. The main difference is that there are fewer oils within the toilettes which means on the surface when you spray the perfume, it can appear to be rather sharp and strong. The lack of oils is why it does not linger on the skin in comparison to a Eu De Parfum.

Another thing which shocked me slightly is that brands tend to keep to the same base notes within their perfumes. For example, every single Ghost perfume will have a similar scent – even if they are a stand alone perfume. The reason being is that is created familiarity between the perfume and the individual.

Aside from this, I was very impressed with the passion and dedication showed during my visit to The Perfume Shop. I have to admit, I am quite stringent when it comes to my scents. I know what I want but I know if I ever fancy trying something new this would be the place to go.

The Perfume Shop has been in business for 25 years which is crazy so they really are experts not just in name but in practice too.

Where is your favourite place to purchase perfume? let me know in the comments.



  • Besties Notepad
    14th August 2017 / Reply

    I always wonder how a good perfume is made, this is the art I really want to look into sometime..nice to read a post about it!