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13th September 2019 by naffy

Amazon Boxsets I love a good boxset so I thought I would share some of the Amazon boxsets I have on watchlist at the moment.

Downton Abbey Seasons 1 – 7 

Since the movie is released today, the Downton Abbey boxset is a good place to go to get caught up on everything that went down in the life of the Grantham family. Aside from the society scandals I really enjoy seeing the changes that took place over the years the show is set in. There are 7 seasons in total but each season is around 8-10 episodes so they are short and very addictive so you will get through them in time to watch the film on the big screen.

Smallville Season Seasons 1 – 10 

I have spoken about my love for Smallville before but in case you missed it Smallville was the first superhero TV Show. It paved the way for shows such as the flash, Agents of Sheild and others like it. The show follows Clark Kent aka Superman played by Tom Welling when he was a teenager and it chronicles his journey to becoming the Superhero we have all come to know and love.

One Tree Hill – Seasons 1 – 9 

I actually have the first 5 physical boxsets of this but had a recent urge to watch them again and wanting to watch the later years. Amazon recently added the whole 9 seasons to their prime catalog. The show centers around two brothers who have very different upbringings and find themselves on the same basketball team. On the surface, it looks like teenage angst but the show delivers an emotional connection to the story, life lessons and characters it created with still resonates me years after watching the show.


Carnival Row – Season 1 

This is the latest of Amazon original shows and it features Orlando Bloom and Cara Delveigne as the main characters of the show. I haven’t seen any of Bloom’s work for a while so it will be great to see him on screen again. Created by Travis Beacham it centers a detective and fairy living in a fantasy victorian world and involves monsters and murders. It looks like it will be along the same lines of Good Omens which is also on my list.

Which boxsets are you watching at the moment?


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