Testing Primark Make Up | New Video

14th May 2017 by naffy

Primark This week on the YouTube channel, I thought I would try something new and do a testing new make up video. After a recent visit to the Primark in Leeds Trinity I was inspired by the new make up range they recently launched. The moment I saw the stand I knew I had to share it with you all.

After doing some poking around I picked up a few key pieces I knew I would be able to try on camera for you for the first time and give you my first impressions.

I picked up a face palette, something for the eyes and a couple of lips things. Everything I purchased was under £5 (yes, really! crazy right?)  so it is a bargain but you will have to watch the video if you want to see if it was worth it. (Spoiler:there are some stunning pieces in the collection)

Next week I am hoping to do a special foundation video for olive and asian skin tones . I always get asked about foundation and which one I would recommend so I thought I would do a video around it. It took me a while to find the foundations I would fall in love with so I really hope this helps those of you who have yet to find their go to foundation.

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Let me know what you think about this testing video. Will you be trying any of the new make up from Primark? Would you like me to do a testing new make up video? send me a tweet and let me know.

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