Teen Choice Awards

25th July 2012 by naffy

So the teen choice awards were on the other day and unfortunately I didn’t get to see it which is a shame because they are usually awesome. I did however scout the internet to see who won what, who wore what and who performed. It looks like it was amazing night!!!

Here are some of my favourite outfits from the night.

Taylor Swift always looks emaculate but especially at awards shows. This dress is quirky, fun, girly as well as being sophisticated and elegant which is exactly Swifts personality is. This dress along with the hair and make up looks absolutely stunning on her.

Demi Lovato was playing host for this years teen choice awards and she looked stunning as always. This was her red carpet look but as the host she wore a few outfits during the awards. This girl definitely knows how to dress. She makes it look effortless! I especially love the shoes she teamed it up with!

Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars (who by the won some totally deserved awards!) both rocked their outfits too. I am a fan of both their styles anyway because they look amazing while appearing to make it seem effortless. That is exactly what they did for the TCA’s. Ashley Benson is wearing a black jumpsuit teamed with some black heels and looks phenomenal. Not everyone would be able to pull that off on the red carpet but she looks stunning. Shay Mitchell is wearing a shimmery dress with gold heels both go amazingly well with each other. They both are wearing fun and chic outfits :)
There are more lovely outfits but these are my fav. What did you think?  Let me know :)