Style Saturday | Picking the right glasses

1st November 2014 by naffy

You all know I glasses, it isn’t something that I can hide, nor have I ever wanted too. I have had glasses since I was at least 5 years old so it is fair to say I have gone through quite a few pairs.

As I have gotten older, I have realised how glasses can either make or break an overall look. It isn’t something that I have always considered. I thought I would share with you some of the tips I have found and use when I look for a new pair of glasses.

Big glasses seem to be everywhere right now and yes I do own them now but I held off from venturing in to them for a long time. I had a much fuller face and I felt like it took over a bit too much. I never found the right size to suit my face. My advice see what suits you try a variety of shades out and see which ones you are comfortable in.

Keep it neutral 
I am a neutral girl through and through. Colour is good but especially glasses I keep it to classic black. To add a bit of colour I chose a pair that have a slight colour on the inside. The ones that I own now have a purple tinge to them which add a little bit of edginess (well edgy for me anyway). I like black for the most part because it means I can experiment with colours in my wardrobe without worrying they would clash.

This very much depends on your face shape and probably age to an extent. The shape of your glasses is important. Are they round or are they oval? These are the first of round glasses I have own which are round. Previously I stuck to rectangular shapes and fancied a bit of a change.

Experiment and have fun
Use glasses as a bit of a fashion statement. Make them part of your identity and treat like a fashion accessory rather than something that is a hindrance and you need to work around.

If you’re new to wearing glasses own it. People ask me why I don’t wear contacts. They are usually surprised when I say I have no desire to wear contacts. I prefer my face with glasses. Embracing what you have will give you the confidence to pull any style off.

Lots of love
  • 1st November 2014 / Reply

    Liked your post! :) I wear glasses too. I think it's really important what glasses we choose because we wear it all day (usually) and it's important to feel good in that glasses and have confidence when we wear it. Nice post. Thank you.

  • 1st November 2014 / Reply

    Love the shape of your glasses, they really suit your face shape. I always stick to the same style when I get new glasses but I might be a bit adventurous next time and try something different :)