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18th October 2014 by naffy
Parka Loving

It is officially cold in the UK and I am on the hunt for a nice warm coat. The one I have at the moment I have had for absolute years (I am ashamed to admit how long) so I thought it was time for a change. 
Recently, I’ve been wearing my sister’s parka coat, so I thought it was about time I tried one for myself and these are some of the ones I have found. 
Short Padded Parka Jacket | Buy Here
One of the first placed I looked at was TopShop. I came across this and fell in love. I love the colour breakdown and this looks so warm and I love the hood on this especially. It is one that will look great with jeans but also not too kiddish for work. 

Petite Faux Fur Trim Borg Lined Parka Jacket | Buy Here 
I found this when I wanted to look at different colour jackets. I tend to stick to safe colours and although Navy is not totally out there, it is a colour I tend to not look at so when I found this and liked this, I thought I would share it with you all. It looks comfortable and warm. 

Brave Soul Burgundy quilted sleeve faux fur trim hooded parka | Buy Here
One colour I wanted to look for is Burgundy/ Berry/ Plum because as you all know it one of my favourite shades and it literally screams out winter to me. I didn’t find many that I liked but I came across this. It seems a bit longer than the others which I don’t mind and it has the cute details on it. I also love that it has a drawstring which is great if your petite because it means you can a bit of a shape to you if you want.  (Side Note, Brave Soul do some lovely Parkas if you don’t like any here still check them out) 
American Eagle Hooded Parka | Buy Here
Now, I haven’t bought anything from American Eagle before. There isn’t a store near us and for the most part I dislike having to buy things online. Anyway, I really like this. I never thought of a Tan parka coat before as it isn’t a colour I generally gravitate towards but I like this version. I also think a nice light colour helps bring out a dark lip or dark jumper and jeans combo which is very winter/ autumn. 
And those are my Parka Picks. Admittedly, they appar to be pricey but a good parka jacket from these stores are generally priced at this point if not higher. It is a staple investment piece which doesn’t really go off trend so you can reuse it next winter too if you wished! 
Do you have a winter coat you have your eye on? 
PS – Side note Primark also do some fantastic coats which last many many years. The red one you see constantly on my Instagram page has lasted me at least Three Years. 

Lots of love
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