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4th October 2014 by naffy
Jumper time

Winter / Autumn is my absolute favourite. The one reason is because I get to wear jumpers and layer up when I feel like I need too. 
Jumpers are so versatile. They can be styled up to be professional with a nice skirt or totally casual with a pair of jeans, leather jacket and pumps. I was doing some online shopping so I thought I would show you all some of the ones I have my eyes on. 
Black Soul College Jumper | Buy Here 
I saw this and fell in love with it. It looks very comfy and easy to wear. I love the American sport vibe it gives too. They have this in another colour but being me I love this colour combination a lot more.
Topshop Fairisle Panel Jumper | Buy Here 
I like to dress as a 23 year old occasionally, rather than a child. (Something my sister reminds me I do constantly) and I feel this jumper helps me do that. It will look very classic with a pair of blue jeans and some chelsea boots. I love the aztec vibe is sort of gives off too. Not too overly done but enough to add some colour and interest to the outfit.
Selected Tomboy Jumper | Buy Here
So I know this says Tomboy and I  definitely went through a Tomboy phase growing up and when I saw this I am not sure why but I was drawn to it. I think it is because of the colours and the fact it is oversized also makes me happy. 
Fine-Knit Jumper | Buy Here
You all know I love hearts and polka dots so it is fair to say I was drawn to this as soon as I saw it on the H&M website. I will say that I would buy it in store rather than online as it will take a while to arrive but overall I really like how comfy and fun this looks. It isn’t too kiddish like which is why I like it too. 
Overall I love my jumpers to be warm and slightly oversized but there are so many out there at the moment so I am planning to wait a couple of weeks and have a real good shop before I actually buy any. 
Have you found any jumpers you’ve been loving at the moment? 

Lots of love
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