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15th July 2019 by naffy

Getting Started We have all been there. You have an idea for a project or an essay or assignment. You get excited and cannot wait to get started…tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and the anticipation of starting something new creeps in and instead of starting the big project, you go make a cup of tea or do the laundry, something that is a little less daunting. In other words, you have trouble getting started.

If you are anything like me, the reason behind this is the fear of failure and it not turning out the way you want it too.

Starting something new comes with fear, uncertainty and a small bout of anxiety. We have all had a dream or project we wish we could have the guts to do. The problem is if we don’t work past the fear long enough to get through putting pen to paper to kick start that project we never know what could have been. For example, if you don’t write that book you have been planning to write, you will never know if you are good enough. If you fail to do deliver that workshop your boss asked you to, they will never get to see your potential, hindering your progress which could have helped you when you want to ask for a raise or promotion.

The key to starting to anything new is just that. Starting. It could be the worst sentence you have ever written or the worst video edit you ever did but the act of starting gives you the foundation to build on. It starts the flow which allows you to end up with a piece of work you could be proud of and that is all any of us want to achieve at the day. Something we are proud of.

Today is a new day, it is about time we all start that piece of work we have been avoiding.

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