Spencer West – A true inspiration.

10th June 2012 by naffy

I was watching BBC News last week and Spencer West came on my TV. His story is so phenomenal and humbling that i have to tell you all about it. Spencer West stems from America. At just five years old, a tragedy took place which was going to impact massively on his life. The incident caused him to loose both his legs.

What is so inspirational is how he overcame this. He still undertook swimming lessons, got over being bullied and stereotyped by the rest of society. He has helped to build schools in places such as Kenya. He became a champion for people who suffered similar injuries. He has given many talks to students, teachers, businesses and families.

He is now on to his biggest and hardest en-devour yet. He is about to climb Mount Kilimangaro in a bid to raise money for charity! Personally, I have a huge amount of respect for someone who has achieved so much and carried on being motivated to live life, soak up opportunities and help people. This is something that could be hard for someone who hasn’t faced the challenges West has.

You can follow his journey here

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    Hey Naffy!
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    Sorry bout that. The post is back on now! You can go see it!

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    wow, this is so incredibly inspiring, it's making me rethink so many things – esp. opportunities in my life!…

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    No problem, will take a look. Thank you xo

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    I know right. It definatly makes you think! xo

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    Very nice :)