Soap & Glory scrub your nose in it

21st August 2013 by naffy

Hey lovelies, I’ve mentioned the Soap & Glory scrub your nose in it in previous Skincare posts but I haven’t actually given it its own review. 

The scrub my nose in it is what I call an extra. These are useful products to have in your routine but not neseceerily essential for everyone.
About a year ago I had combination skin which left me with a oily T zone. Those of you who have oily T zones know what a pain they can be. It caused me to be more prone to blackheads in this area. 
After searching the aisles of boots I can across this and have to say it was a absolute god send. 
You apply it on your T zone and can either scrub it on and rinse it off with a flannel and warm water or let it act as clay mask. 
It gets rid of extra oil on your nose leaving  it nice and smooth. After a couple of nights of applying it you can see the blackheads disappear. 
It has a minty scent to it which is odd as it contains lemon and orange however it is pleasant and I enjoyed it. 
This was my first Soap & Glory Skincare purchase and I have to say I was not left disappointed.
You can find Soap and Glory scrub your Nose in it for £7.50 at boots.
Have you tried this’d ce scrub from soap & glory?
Lots of love
  • 21st August 2013 / Reply

    I love this! Very informative post x

  • 21st August 2013 / Reply

    I'm interested in products that can zap blackheads as I find them to be very stubborn little devils!


  • 22nd August 2013 / Reply

    This product will be effective for our skin. Specially, woman should like it a lot.

  • 24th August 2013 / Reply

    Great post – Think I shall definitely give this a try as I have been suffering from an oily-ish T-zone lately! I love most of the Soap & Glory products that I have tried. Another good one for spot-prone skin is 'No Clogs Allowed' by S&G :)

  • 25th August 2013 / Reply

    I wasn't expecting this to be blue lol.

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  • 25th August 2013 / Reply

    the colour is so funky! haha
    this was an awesome review ^_^ very informative and useful, not sure if i'll try it as my skin is more dry rather than prone to blackheads but theres so much in their range they have to cater for the dryer skined too :p
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