Soap & Glory Hand Dream

17th September 2013 by naffy

Hello lovelies, if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I have an obsession with hand creams. I always seem to have one surgically attached to me.

I am constantly trying out different ones but Hand Food by Soap & Glory is a old favourite. So when I found out that they released a new hand cream and I knew I had to try it!
Hand Dream is full of ingredients such as coconut oil, grapes red oil and she’s butter all of which ensures that your hands are left silk smooth.
I am constantly at my laptop and the one thing I dislike about most hand creams is how long it takes to absorbs in to my skin. This doesn’t do that! It absorbs instantly and is not greasy. This is perfect if you are busy person and work with computers as you don’t have to wait for it to absorb in to your skin. You can just apply it and go straight back to your work. 
The scent is lovely. It is the typical Soap & Glory smell. It is fresh, girly and reminds me slightly of marshmallows.
The key point for me is that this helps my cuticles from getting dry too. My cuticles can get dry but I’ve noticed since using hand dream I’ve noticed they have become softer. 
Overall this is one of the nicest hand creams I have tried and it doesn’t break the bank. You can get it from Boots for £7.00 and is currently on offer so it is definitely worth trying. 
Do you have a favourite hand cream? 
Lots of love
  • 17th September 2013 / Reply

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  • 17th September 2013 / Reply

    I just got Asda's Skin System Hand & Nail Lotion for 80p, this was great for me as I'm on a budget. It absorbs really well too and my hands feel lovely and soft.

  • 17th September 2013 / Reply

    I love soap and glorys hand food! It sounds very similar and again smells amazing!


  • 17th September 2013 / Reply

    I always overlook hand cream and I'm trying to stop this. I adore Soap and Glory's body butter and moisturisers so will have to try this out! Toni xx

  • 17th September 2013 / Reply

    I do not use hand cremes as much as I feel like I should lol I usually have problems finding good face moisturizers

  • 18th September 2013 / Reply

    I loved the mini size of handfood! so I hope they have made a mini one of this too so I can test it out XD your review was really helpful, I agree hand-creams that take ages to sink in are so very inconvenient!
    This one looks like a winner! 😀
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

  • 19th September 2013 / Reply

    I loved hand food must give this a try soon!