Soap and Glory Hand Food

22nd January 2013 by naffy

I love a good hand cream. I can get really bad dry hands so I kind of rely them a lot! I am forever chopping and changing them trying out new ones.

One of the latest ones I have tried is Hand Food from the amazing Soap and Glory.  I know most of you will have herd about this holy grail product as it’s one of their best sellers. Infused with Shea butter, marshmallows and macadamia oil the scent of this cream is amazing. it’s fresh and sweet…How is a girl to refuse?

The thing I look for in a hand cream is that as soon as I put it on my hands I want to continue to go about my day. I don’t like greasy hand creams where I have to wait for the cream to soak in to my hands for a couple minutes before I can do anything. Who wants that?!

 I am glad to say hand food does not do that! I can be writing in my lesson put a little bit on my hands and carry on writing without it bothering me.

My hands instantly feel smooth after using it too, I use it a lot during the day but I am never left with the feeling that it hasn’t done it’s job and smoothed my hands out.

It comes in a small travel size, which is perfect to carry around with you in your bag and only costs £2.50 from boots. Personally, it doesn’t last me very long so I buy the bigger version which is only £5.00 and stil fits in to your bag.

They have also just released it in a packaging with a pump which is quite cool and perfect for your bedside table or your office desk and it is only £7.00 for 250ML which let me tell you is a really good price.

I always change up my hand cream but I have repurchased this a few time and it is definitely one of my favourites.

Have you tried hand food?

Lots of love