Small Business to Support

Small Businesses to Support in 2021

3rd December 2020 by naffy

Add heading (6) Shopping small hasn’t always been something I have found accessible. It requires time and research, especially if you are on a bit of a budget. Saying that, when you find a small business you connect with, the feeling is priceless. I managed to discover a few brands I instantly adored who deserve a little recognition for all the hard work they put into their craft. 

Martha Brook

I discovered Martha Brook thanks to Stylist’s The Drop. It is an individual stationery store which sells everything from notepads to key rings. I recently purchased their recycled notepads which you can get personalised. Having an Asian name I always appreciate it when you can customise your personalisation. There are no set names to choose from or initials. The site has a lot to offer and I am already looking forward to making a second order in the future. 

Sighh by Polly 

I came across Sighh by Polly through their collaboration with The Insecure Girls Club and instantly fell in love with the company. I ended up following the business and it’s owner Polly on Instagram and it really warms my heart to see the behind the scenes of the company. Part of the joy of supporting small businesses is seeing them flourish and with Sighh Polly you really get an insight into this. 

Truffle Pig Vegan 

I am always on the hunt for small vegan brands I came across Truffle Pig Vegan who make the most amazing vegan chocolate. Each piece is handmade in Sheffield. They have a few flavours. The Milky Mallow bar is my personal favourite, along with their Pick and Mix. They restock every week on Friday at 12pm but be warned. They sell out fast so get your reminders and make sure you have your card ready so you can make the payment easily. 

Self Care Company 

Now I haven’t tried this brand out just yet but I fell in love with their products and their ethos from the moment I found them. I stumbled across their ethically made hoody and swooned a little. They also do vegan candles and show the process of making them on their Instagram page. 

Oh My Clumsy Heart 

It is very hard to find an affordable, decent jewellery brand. Especially one that has decent ethics. Katie Snooks mentioned OMCH and after taking a look I was really impressed with the designs but also the price point. The pieces are minimal and are made using fairtrade metals. 

With each of these brands, you get an insight into their ethos and how they operate behind the scenes so each purchase feels like a mini investment in them and what they stand for. It is a rather special feeling.

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