Skincare Sunday – Why I said no to Make Up Wipes.

17th March 2013 by naffy

Hi Ladies! how are you all this afternoon? If you read my blog a lot you may remember that I said that last month my make up wipes completely stripped my skin.

I was left with really red and completely dried out skin.

This wasn’t just because of the wipes. The very cold weather against my skin before I used them probably did not help very much either.

It’s also worth saying  I am not allergic to anything and I’m not prone to breakouts either.

The reason for this post however is that I stopped using make up wipes since and I have noticed some difference and thought I would tell you all about them.

If you’re anything like me, you know make up wipes are not the best for your skin BUT they make taking your make up so easy that it is a hard habit to kick.

Here’s what I noticed from just over a month of not using them.

My eyes are less dry
I have always used make up wipes that allow you to take off your eye make up. I love wearing some form of eye shadow and some mascara so it is kind of an essential. The wipes however dry your skin around the eyes out quite a lot when you rub against the skin. It meant I had to get a eye cream to keep the area hydrated and soft.

Less Redness on my skin
When using wipes your face can go red for a while after using it. It only lasted a couple of minutes if that but my skin is less red and a lot more clearer and I think part of that is not using any make up wipes.

Fresher feeling skin
This leads me to the third and last point I wanted to tell you all about. Make up wipes have many chemicals in them in fact some have alcohol which can be quite harsh on your skin. While some skin types can take this (including mine for many years) it can leave your face feeling not as fresh as you may want. You feel clean but there may be feelings of the chemicals on your skin. You don’t always realise it at the time but trust me, my skin feels a lot more fresher since I have stopped using make up wipes.

So there you go lovelies, that is why I no longer use make up wipes and probably won’t for at least the forseeable future if at all.

I’m no expert and skincare is something that varies between different people and stuff but I wanted to share my make up wipeless journey with you.

I hope you found it interesting!

Lot of love

P.S – there isn’t a picture of make up wipes because I am not hating on a particular brand just make up wipes generally.

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