Skincare Sunday – The routine edition 1

7th April 2013 by naffy

Hey wonderful girls hope you are having a great sunday. I thought it was about time I showed you what skincare I use as part of my routine.

I know I have done these skincare sunday posts since January but I wanted to be happy with what I was using before I just showed you all.

There are still some gaps (such as serums and face masks) but my skin for the most part behaves it self (apart from the odd spot due to stress) and I am quite happy with that I do have.

It is quite basic with minimal products. I don’t have problematic skin so I don’t want to overload my face with product.

First of all I take my eye make up off. I wear quite a lot of eye make up. My second make up love (after lipsticks) are eye shadows. I also like full lashes so I wear mascara quite a lot.

At the moment I am finishing this one up by Nivea – If you are looking for a good cheap eye make up remover this is not a choice. It is gentle and doesn’t smell chemicially. It also does the job really well which not every eye make up remover does. I do like this but I will probably try something new when it runs out.

Panda eyed I cleanse using the Liz Earle cleanse and polish I generally cleanser twice. Once to take my make up off and once to clean my skin. Not because the cleanser doesn’t work just the one time it just makes you feel fresher. A little goes a long way with this cleanser as it lathers with water quite well. I take it off with a damp muslin cloth which gives the most amazing feeling to your skin.

Then every two or three days I exfoliate. I use the Liz Earle exfoliator (which is actually my mums…ooopss) to get rid of any dry/ dead skin. This is a really easy smooth exfolitor. You shouldn’t exfoliate too harshly on your skin and this is for all skin types so it is really gentle on the skin.

Then once a week or sometimes twice if I am feeling my nose is a bit greasy. I use the Soap and Glory scrub your nose in it. This is really good if you have a oily t-zone. It has a fresh minty smell and gets rid of any extra oil you might have on your nose.

Then finally, I moisturise. In the morning I use the GinZing eye cream from origins and then the Liz Earle Skin repair moistriser on the rest of my face. In the evening I use the eye cream again and then   the make a difference moisturiser by Origins.

I only have the sample of it at the moment. I do like it but it is expensive so I will be thinking about how much it would be worth investing in. It does work and I wake up with the softest skin.

So there you have it, my skincare routine.

I like reading these kind of posts so I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Let me know if you have written up or done a YouTube video on your routine.

Lots of love

  • 7th April 2013 / Reply

    This sounds lovely! I really love Nivea products, really good for the price! Newest follower :-)

    • 10th April 2013 / Reply

      Thank you for the follow. I love their pure and natural range 😀 xx

  • 7th April 2013 / Reply

    I love Scrub Your Nose In It, holy grail for me x

    • 10th April 2013 / Reply

      it is amazing 😀 x

  • 8th April 2013 / Reply

    I love the Soap and Glory scrub your nose in it, they always do such good products xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    • 10th April 2013 / Reply

      They really do! I love the brand xx