Skincare Sunday – Drungstore vs High End

29th September 2013 by naffy

Happy Sunday beauties. I hope you are all having something yummy and enjoying some sunday laziness.

Today I thought about doing a post about the positives and negatives of both splashing out on skincare and skimping on skincare. If you are anything like me you want to know where your money is going and make sure you get your moneys worth.

I stick buy this rule that I herd on twitter and completely agree with. It come from Skincare guru Caroline Hirrons (Who you are probably sick and tired of hearing me about sorry! but she is amazing) and it is ‘If you spend that money on a handbag buy it if the money is your money is your mortgage look elsewhere’

It is pretty self explanatory but what it means is that if you would spend £50 on a handbag invest in your skincare instead as you only have one face and you need to look after it.

Personally I do not mind investing in skincare. The more I learn about it the more I realise the personal benefits but I cannot afford the best of the best so I do my research. The research allows me to know what I am investing in so I know it will work and not disappoint me.

Here are some tips you may find useful.

High End

  • Better Quality Ingredients – If you are in to ingredients then this is something to be aware off. The reason many of the higher brands are more expensive is down to the ingredients. They are generally filled with proper (for lack of better words) ingridants rather than fillers which are harsher on your skin and usually quite cheap. This is why if you are prone to breakouts or have problem skin your skincare ingredients and products are very important.
  • See results – With all the higher end brand skincare I have used (which isn’t that much for a blogger in reality) I have noticed a difference in my skin instantly. My skin appears happier and less dull. Up until I did my research growing up I didn’t find a lot of skincare would make a difference to my skin.

  • Cost – Again this is where research comes in. I buy my own beauty products. I don’t ask my parents for them so I am always alert about the amount things cost. I have a blog post about shopping wisely but to balance out the cost I do my research – I read blogs that I trust and I also get a sample before I purchase anything. Most counters will have samples you can try out to see the affect it may have on your skin.
  • May not work – This leads me on nicely on the point I think most of us are scared off and that is that the product may not work. There is nothing worse than investing in something just to find that it doesn’t work. This is where the samples and starter kits comes to play. If it is something you are worried about do not impulse buy simply try out the tester and carry on your day and have a think before parting with your cash. Ask the women at the counter what they think especially in places such as Space NK where they are more likely to be genuine and give you unbiased advice.

My top higher end skin brands (from what I can afford and tried)

  • Origins
  • Elemis


  • Price – With boots and superdrug doing some fabulous deals it is very easy to try out drugstore skincare and not be too disappointed if they didn’t work. This is great if you just getting in to skincare and knowing your skin. Use the offers to do this with.
  • Good Teenage Range – Skin problems are usually at their height when you are teen and if you are self conscious you will want to sort it out. The first place you are likely to go too is the drugstore as they appear to have the most products available to help your skin. (See the end for some of my favourites to try)

  • Not always the best ingredients – Many drugstore brands can be filled with unecserly chemicals that your skin just doesn’t need and can cause you to break out.

Top Brands to try out

  • Soap and Glory
  • Una Brennan
  • Garnier
  • (All of these are usually on 3 for 2 in Boots 😉 )

The summary of all of this –  Be Smart. I use a mixture. Do you need to spend £100 on a moisturiser no but would it be beneficial to spend £20 on a decent cleansing balm that works? most probably.

I hope some of you have found this blog post useful.

Let me know your views in the comment below! 

Lots of love
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