Skin care Sunday – The Extras

10th March 2013 by naffy

Hey lovlies, hope you are all having a wonderful sunday. This week I wanted to mention 5 of my must have skin care products that may be over looked by some as not being necessary. To me though these are crucial in keeping my skin good as I possibly can.

Soap and Glory Scrub your nose in it
I have already done a post on this but this is great for those of you that have a oiler skin around your t zone. This is actually quite common and can be easy to fix. One way is by using this. It takes away the greasiness leaving the area nice and smooth. I love the smell of this too to me it smells minty and spa like!  Another thing do not forget after washing it off use a light moisturiser. Everyone needs to moisturise.

Hand Cream
The one is the picture – Nivea Pure and Natural is my favourite drugstore hand cream. I haven’t had anything come close to how this cream makes my hand feel.  I do recommend trying this one if your hands are quite dry but there are loads on the market. It can be hard to choose. Just try a few and use one that suits your needs. A hand cream is essential as we use our hands all the time and wash them a lot too.

E45 Cream 
I hold my hands up, I do not moisturise my body every single day. I tend to be in a rush and can forget but this is for when my skin gets really dry and I feel it needs a bit more TLC. I find it works really well and absorbs in to my skin nicely. It is a good addition to have in your stash for those bad skin days.

Body butter
When I get out of the shower I want to replace the moisture my body has lost and I find that a body body works better than a regular moisturiser for me. I love this one from Soap and Glory which I reviewed here. The thick consistency allows it to absorb quickly in to my skin locking in the moisture without that greasy moisturiser gives.

Eye cream 
So this is for those of you who are more my age (I am in my early 20’s) Make up wipes did not do my under eyes any favours neither do late nights which I have a lot off. It results in dry and sometimes black under eyes. I am going to the one I use by origins but always get a sample from somewhere first as some of the really good ones can be expensive.

What are your skincare ‘extras’? let mek know!

Lots of love

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