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8th October 2018 by naffy

Podcasts to listen too Podcast reviews It has been a hot minute since I gave you the lowdown about some my latest favourite podcasts so what a better way to kick start the week than sharing six podcasts for you to download for your daily commute.

Let’s Discuss 

I love a good conversation podcast and that is exactly what Let’s Discuss is. From Ella (the writer behind Coco’s Tea Party) and Monica (The founder of The Elgin Avenue) two friends navigating their way through their twenties. As the name suggests they discuss everything from work. love and wellbeing. One of my favourite episodes has to be where they talk about sustainability. They do it in such a natural way which is useful full of information without being condescending.


My twenties are nothing like I imagined they would be. I thought I would have my life a bit more put together than I do right now. In reality I ended up going through what I call a quarter life crisis which I found out later on was quite common. Adulting is a podcast for those of us in our twenties trying to making the transition from teenager to working functioning fully fledge adult. Episodes cover everything from Female Friendships, Millennial Money Matters and features guests such as Shona Virtue and Charly Cox.

Blogosphere – Serious Influence

The babes are Blogosphere HQ have only gone and launched their own podcast called Serious Influence. They are two episodes into season one and it is already a huge hit. The first one features Alice – the editor of the magazine and Joshua Barnett, the managing director of After Party Studios.  Each episode aims to give us something to learn about everything that goes on behind the world of digital content creation.

On the Line 

On the line is the revamped podcast from Estee Lalonde. This one is very different to the others on the list as it is more interactive. Each episode features a guest who is a specialist or has knowledge about a particular topic. for instance, the latest episode featured Emma Lucy, a Raiki Specialist and in between their conversation, they answer questions sent it from listeners. Kind of like an agony aunt hotline. It is honest, raw and covers some very emotional topics.

Feminist Don’t Wear Pink

To go with a book under the same name, the podcast discusses everything female and equality. The book is an anthology of 52 women sharing their feminist journey. The show is hosted by the editor and mastermind behind the book Scarlett Curtis and she interviews various contributors of the book such as Jameela Jamil and Gemma Atherton.

The Sunday Social 

If you are a fan of digital content creation Lucy Moon you will know she use to host a series on her Youtube channel where she interviewed people from creative industries – finding out about how they got to where they are and why they chose the path they did. It is really insightful and interesting. She has now taken that and created The Sunday Social podcast. It focusses on the business elements of all things digital from discussing Youtube to online activism.

Let me know which podcasts you are listening too to kick start your week. If you fancy seeing some of the other podcasts on my feed I have a highlight reel on my Instagram page full of podcast recommendations which I update every week.


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