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8th November 2014 by naffy

I realise that I very rarely show you any outfits or items of clothes on me. In all honestly I rarely have the time to fine the lighting, places and photographer to help take any outfits for me. I do plan to change that so bare with me. In the meantime I thought I would share with you some of the pieces that I am loving wearing at the moment. 
Parka Coat | Similar one here
Winter is here and that makes me beyond happy. Have I mentioned how much I love this time year? I kid you’re probably sick and tiered of me mentioning it. I am digressing, with the harsh winds we get in the UK  a Parka Coat is essential for me. It is warm, comforting and covers you all up keeping you snug and warm. I do find it hard to get the right one for me. You do have to try them all on to find one that fits your body shape. Being petite many of them look over whelming and like I am drowning so I am glad I found one that suits me. This one I am wearing was my sisters which I love but the link takes you to the similar one. 
Pink Patterned Scarf | (from the market sorry!) 
Now this doesn’t look like much but if you know me you will know that I am very much a creature of habit when it comes to clothes and scarves. One day I was feeling like I wanted a change. It was the weekend and I tried this scarf I found in the wardrobe. It was the perfect size for the style I wanted to do and it the right amount of extra something to the outfit I was wearing. 
Flannel Tops | Primark 
Last weekend, I was in a bit of a everything is in the laundry bind. I decided to use this to try something new and wear a flannel shirt. I love the way this looks on others and being a nineties it reminded me of watching shows like Saved by Bell and how much I adored some of the outfits on that show. I really liked the way it fit and was surprised I could wear this with my hijab very comfortably. 
And there you are, some of the fashion bits I have been trying and loving lately. How about you? What have you been loving this season?

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Lots of love