Review | Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering powder

27th August 2015 by naffy
Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering powder

Urban Decay Naked

Considering I love a good glow on my face, the amount of highlighters I own can be placed on one hand. I have been looking to add a couple to my stash and the most recent one has come in the form of Urban Decay’s Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder.*

The Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder* is the only highlighter in the in the Naked Range and rumoured to be a favourite about bloggers and celebrities such as Michelle Keegan. It is a champagne gold based highlighter which is the shade I lean towards when adding glow to my cheeks.
Unlike the previous highlighters I have tried there are more glitter particles in the formula compared to a shimmer which surprisingly I don’t mind. It does mean that it is more of a nighttime highlighter or one you would wear on a special occasion and not at work.
I tend to place it on the apples of my cheeks for an added glow and then place another highlighter on the cheek bones itself as I find it works better that way and I can keep the glitter in check as I found it can fall down slightly.
The packaging the highlighter comes in is exquisite. The box has a magnetic closure so it is safe to keep in storage and also has a mirror and a small dense brush which is handy to take on travel as it does not take up much room.
Overall, not my go to highlighter for everyday usage but for a wedding or party or when I want to amp my make up slightly this is the one I will be leaning towards. 
Lots of love

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  • 27th August 2015 / Reply

    Looks like a really pretty product! But I agree – perhaps not for daytime if it contains glitter :)

  • 27th August 2015 / Reply

    Ooh this sounds gorgeous! And what a lovely colour!? I 'm booked in with Urban Decay for a makeover in September so may have to ask to try this! xx

  • Fae
    27th August 2015 / Reply

    I'm wondering whether it's the same shade/formula as the highlighter in their Naked Flushed palettes. If it is, it's gorgeous and one of my faves! x