Review | Real Techniques Stippling brush

13th May 2014 by naffy

Hey there my loves, if you like reading my wishlist posts you may know that I have been eyeing up the Real Techniques stippling brush for quite a long time now. I had herd such good things about it so I decided to pick it up.

I already own the Real Techniques core collection brush set which I love so I was expecting big things and boy it did not disappoint.

The stippling brush is made with duo fibre which helps applying the product exactly where you want it without any excess. I originally brought it to help me apply my cream blushes because I didn’t have a brush to use with them. I apply the blush with my hand and then instead of buffing it in I stipple it on my cheeks so the colour shows up a little bit more while remaining natural and not over done.

What I really liked was the way in which it applied powder blushes. Mainly because it wasn’t something I was expecting. I used it to apply my sleek blushes which are amazingly pigmented. I usually end up over applying it so generally stay away from them on a regular basis. I decided to give the blushes a try with this stippling brush and was in awe. It dispensed the perfect amount of product to go on my cheeks. It blended it in well and didn’t look heavy.

In terms of quality. The brushes are designed by the beloved Pixi Woo sisters who are well known and loved in the industry. They put all their knowledge in to making a credible, durable, easy to use make up brush brand which many of us now love. The bristles are synthetic and soft. It doesn’t aggravate the skin which some high street brushes can do. They are easy to wash and maintain. The quality of these brushes rivals some of the higher end brushes made by MAC but even better quality for a fraction of the price.

The Real Techniques Stippling is sold in Boots and Superdrug for just £11.99 which personally I think is an absolute bargain. It’s currently on 3 for 2 on the boots website too so worth stocking up. (The expert face brush maybe?)

Lots of love
  • 13th May 2014 / Reply

    I love this brush.. have had it for a while but I used it to apply my foundation. I never thought to use it with blush!

    Amelia Holly