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31st December 2015 by naffy
NYX Cosmetics Crystal Liner












Glitter is something I do not often play around with, however recently I have been playing around with the NYX Cosmetics Crystal Liner  all over the lids and unexpectedly fell in love with it.

The NYX Cosmetics Crystal Liner is primarily meant to be a liner, however I decided to use it all over the lids on top of my shadow instead. I have the Gold shade and I paired this with some gold eye shadows.

It comes with a traditional liner applicator which places a good amount of product on the lids. I do apply a couple of coats of this for the full effect but as a liner is incredibly pigmented. It is very lightweight allowing you build it up if you want too.

History with Glitter has lead me to believe that you can expect it to be tacky and slightly uncomfortable on the eyes. The kind of make up you would wantto instantly remove however, the opposite happens when I use this. I can apply this without it it stinging my eyes. It does need to set but once it does unless you look in the mirror you could forget that it was on the lids.

If you enjoy playing around with Glitter or want to see what it would look like for under £3 you cannot go wrong.

After using this, I need to pay to visit to the only NYX stand in the Manchester Boots and pick up some other colours. I am thinking pink and silver. Possibly Blue? let me know what you think.


  • 31st December 2015 / Reply

    I looove this! I'm such a gold girl that this would be perfect for my collection! Gorgeous!

  • 31st December 2015 / Reply

    This is so pretty!! I don't have any glitter because I'm terrified of it spilling and getting everywhere, but this might be the perfect way for me to play with some. And it's so perfect for New Years too!

  • 2nd January 2016 / Reply

    I love your glitter eye makeup! I think I will try it out soon!