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15th May 2014 by naffy

Hi my loves, so it has finally happened. Something I didn’t expect to happen anytime soon but there is finally a foundation review on my blog!

If you know me, you will know that I am not a huge foundation fan. I am much more of a light coverage tinted moisturiser kind of girl but the time has finally come where I have found a foundation that I would purchase myself.

The NARS sheer glow foundation has received holy grail status among beauty lovers and with good reason. The formula is light weight yet you can get a medium coverage as well as build it up to a high coverage. It feels silky smooth on your skin similar to the feel you would except a moisturiser to feel like.

The fact it has the word glow in it is quite apt too because it provides with you a nice dewy finish which instantly perks your face up.

I also love the way this applies. I have used my fingers and a buffing brush and both work well. It is really easy to blend in to your skin. I have dehydrated skin and it works really well. It doesn’t cling to any dry patches which I really like and will appreciate especially in the winter and I think this would work well with most skin types.

Shade wise I am currently using Syracuse but it is a bit on a dark side (the foundation is actually my mums but I wanted to try it) but as it blends it really well so it isn’t a problem. I do plan to pick this is up in my correct shade soon. The other thing that is impressive with this foundation is that it works really well with the yellow undertones in my skin. This is something most high street foundations don’t do so I am glad there is an alternative out there even if it is slightly on the expensive side.

Longevity wise this lasts all day on me. I generally wear this from half 7 in the morning till about 6 in the evening when I come back from work and it doesn’t oxide on my skin or wear off. You only need to use a couple of pumps of this per application for your entire face so, even though it is a pricey foundation, the bottle will last you a long time.

NARS has a incredible shade range, in fact I have a feeling not all of the shades are online, so it is definaitely worth going to their counter to get colour matched. There is something there for those of you with a lighter complextion as well as those of you who have a deep complextion.

I do have one niggle with this foundation and that is that it doesn’t come with a pump. You have to buy one seperately. It is only £3 and is reuseable but still not ideal and something I wanted to point out.

Price wise the foundation retails at £31.00 and it is expensive but I always say if I was only able to spend a large amount of money on one make up product it would probably be foundation as 1 – it goes all over your face and 2 – it sets the tone for the rest of the make up.

So there you have my first foundation love. 
Lots of love
  • 15th May 2014 / Reply

    This seems pretty perfect for me – love a dewy finish. Might have to bite the bullet and order one of these beauties!!

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