Review | Garnier Skin Moisture Match Revitalising Hydrating Gel

10th February 2015 by naffy

You all know I can be fussy when it comes to trying moisturisers. They are suppose to be the easiest thing in your skincare arsenal to find but somehow they are my biggest struggle. I came across the Garnier Skin Moisture Match Revitalising Hydrating Gel.

The thing that has me talking about this is the formula. Gel moisturisers are very hard to come by on the high street. Gel moisturisers are light, absorb easily in to the skin. I prefer this formula compared to heavy moisturisers which can feel greasy and clogg up your pores.

Gel formulas are mainly for those with normal skin types but the beauty of this offering from Garnier means that even if you have dehydrated skin like me this works a treat. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth morning and evening so you do not have to find a different night moisturiser.

It has revitalising qualities which help perk up early morning dull skin. It is enriched with citrus extract to help brighten up the skin. This formula also contains hibiscus flower which is used in skincare products to help even skintone, added moisture along with lots of other benefits.

The tube is quite small but if you have a small head like me, you literally need the smallest amount, so this will last you a good time.

While it is cold this winter and the cold is constantly beating on my face there is something very satisfying about applying this this moisture dense gel after taking off my make up.

Garnier Skin Moisture Match Revitalising Hydrating Gel is only £3:99 and there is an offer on selected Garnier Products in Boots at the moment.

Lots of love
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