Review | First Impressions: ESPA 24 hour replenishing eye moisturiser

28th January 2014 by naffy

Hello beauties, I thought I would do another first impressions review for you. If you missed the last one my first impressions reviews are when I try samples. I have a lot that I collected overtime and although they do not all last long enough to give a full review (especially skincare items) I can tell you my initial thoughts.

Over the past week, I have spending the majority of time at my aunt’s house so instead of lugging around all my make up and skincare I thought I would take advantage of some of the samples and travel items I have. Looking through my stash I found a sample of eye cream from ESPA which I received with an order and new immediately I was going to take it with me. ESPA has introduced me to some of my favourite skincare items so I was excited to try something else from them.

The cream claims to replenish, smooth and diminish fine lines and in order to do it, the cream contains feel good ingredients such as Mimosa and Evening primrose for hydration as well as Gingko Biloba to help tackle puffiness and dark circles.

Does it live up to the claims? It is definitely hydrating. I apply the tiniest amounts in the evening and I have not woken up with dry eyes. I have also noticed that my eyes are less puffy which is great as I have been getting less sleep than I am use too.

In terms of dark circles, I do have slight circles but nothing prominent so I don’t know if I am the right person to judge this claim but I feel like it has brightened up my under eyes slightly.

What I also really enjoyed about this cream is that the scent is not too heavy which is something I look for in products, especially on my face. It is also very light in texture making it perfect for all skin types as the formula is not harsh.

Would I purchase this? The ESPA 24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser retails for £35.00 and yes, it is a lot for a eye cream but as you only need a little bit (this 3ml sample as lasted me at least 4 days) if you like investing in products it is worth looking in too.

What is your go-to eye cream?
Lots of love
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