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Review | Eco Tools Bamboo six piece brush set

23rd February 2016 by naffy

Make Up Brushes Budget Make Up Brushes It had been a while since I tried a new brush brand so when I reicieved the Eco Tools Bamboo six piece brush set for my birthday I was excited to give them a try.

As the set says in the name there are six brushes in the set which come with a cruelty free travel case which is sturdy and makes carrying your brushes around easy.

The Blush brush is a nice size. Not too big but not small which means it will suit the majority of faces. The bristles are incredibly soft to touch making the application process more pleasant.

One of the brushes which took me by surprise is the Eye Shading Brush. I was not sure what to expect but this brush picked up the product well and applied it beautifully on the lids. This is not a brush you would use to blend your eye shadow but I found it to be a great packing brush.

I also used the Concealer brush as a eye shadow packing brush mainly because it is small enough to do so. I prefer something more along the lines of the Real Techniques setting brush to blend my concealer in. Again I was impressed with the pick up quality of this brush.

The lat two brushes are to do with the eyes. The first one is the lash and brow groomer. Out of the 6 brushes from the pack, this was the one I did not get on with. The comb side felt a bit too big and more like a hair comb on my lashes. I personally prefer a spooley when it comes to fixing my brows as I find them to be the perfect size.

One of the brushes I use everyday has to be the angle brush. Eco Tools call this a liner brush but I use it to apply my brow pomade to fill in my brows. This works nicely as it is soft enough to remain in control of the brush but firm enough to allow precision which you need for your brows.

Eco Tools brushes are all cruelty free and synthetic and their wooden handles which look stunning are made from Bamboo. This entire set retails for £15.99 and for the price this is a great delve in to the world of make up brushes.

  • Heather
    23rd February 2016 / Reply

    Thanks for your opinion. Need a new brush set for a new make up collection. This was helpful :)


    • naffy
      24th February 2016 / Reply

      Glad you found it useful!

  • Ursula
    24th February 2016 / Reply

    I got this back and has lasted me for over 5 yrs (give or take that I don’t religious wear makeup on a daily basis due to the long life of the brushes) and enjoyed your personal thoughts on Ecotools!



    • naffy
      24th February 2016 / Reply

      Thanks lovely

  • Megan T.
    24th February 2016 / Reply

    I have this kit and still use most of the brushes regularly! They’re so affordable and soft too. My favorite was the blush brush, but I sadly loved mine to death and had to let it go :(

  • Brigette Ramos
    25th February 2016 / Reply

    I love Eco Tools brushes! This is such a great set and I love how affordable it is. xo

  • Jillo
    29th February 2016 / Reply

    I love eco tools, this looks like a good enough set, but I bet they could do better. I am always thrown by the brow /lash brush because they never work that great and you’d be better off with a spooly.
    great review