Review | Crownbrush C147 Chubby Shadow Brush

27th October 2015 by naffy

I have been searching for a new eye shadow brush for a while. It is one brush that I was lacking in my small brush pot so when I stumbled across the Crownbrush stall at Olympia Beauty I decided to have a look at what they had to offer.

Luckily, the beautiful Zoe Newlove was working that day and took the overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by more brushes than I could imagine. She knows her stuff and advised me to try the Chubby Shadow brush in C147. She said it was a good all around brush which she used on the regular. 
The Chubby Shadow Brush C147 is a short eye shadow brush. It is quite thick and dense as it has a lot of bristles. I found this makes it easier to pack on shadows to your lids. I was looking for a brush to help me pack on shadows to the lids and this does that perfectly. It picks up the right amount of product and evenly distributes it across the eyes.
Another thing I like is that you can blend with this brush too. As the bristles are short you can really get in to the crease of the lids, great to add some definition but also makes it easier to blend your eye shadow.
I was worried this would be too chubby and big on my lids. I have quite small eyes so I was imagining a messy eye situation but I have to say this has not happened. It works well with my lids so if you feel like you have small eye lids of find they sink in slightly, this is one brush you will like. 
The quality of Crownbrush is really impressive. The brushes wash very well and last a very long time. The bristles may not be as soft as their high end counterpart, however they are not harsh enough to bother you. For £5.39, it is worth looking in too. 
Crownbrush do a variety of brushes so let me know if you have tried any and which one I should give a try next.