Review | Collection Eye Uncovered Pallette in Nude Bronze

23rd April 2015 by naffy
Collection Eye Uncovered Pallette in Nude Bronze

Collection Eye Uncovered Pallette in Nude Bronze
Collection Eye Uncovered Pallette in Nude Bronze swatch
Collection Eye Uncovered Pallette in Nude Bronze swatch

Collection is one of the brands in Boots and Superdrug that I have overlooked. That is until, I came across a couple of their new launches. The latest from the Brand comes in the form if eye shadow and their uncovered palettes. The Uncovered range contains three neutral palettes, I picked the palette Nude Bronze.

Nude Bronze contains six neutral shades from a light highlight to a bronze and gold, both of a which are perfect for a spring. There is also a nice taupe shade at the end which is great if you like creating a smokey eye.

The formula of these are some of the best I have seen on the high street. They are buttery soft making them easy to apply on the eyes. You can really pack the colour on without worrying about any fall out. I applied these shadows without a base or primer and it lasted on my lids all day from 8am till gone past 9pm on occasion. There is no powdery flaky colour payoff here. Instead, you get full impact colour rich, soft blendible shadows you can create a big range of looks with.

Pigmentation wise, as the swatches show, rival a lot of the higher end brands. The colours are rich from the first swipe on your brush. You do not have keep dipping in your brush to get the intensity you desire.

I would have to say aside from the Loreal Shadows, I have never been impressed with pigmentation from eyeshadows from the drugstore, until now. Collection have really hit the nail on the head with these beauties.

I often talk about Stila Shadows and Urban Decay shadows and while they are incredible. At £3:99 Collection offers a more budget friendly option, perfect if you are not a make up hoarder like me or just do not want to splash out £20 for good quality eye shadow.

Lots of love
  • 24th April 2015 / Reply

    This is such a lovely palette, perfect nude shades x

  • 25th April 2015 / Reply

    Lovely little gem! Too bad its not available here though xx

    Pink Frenzy

  • 26th April 2015 / Reply

    I often overlook collection as well – it;'s one of the brands I first ever used when I was young so tend to think of it as a teen-brand though I hear they do some really nice stuff still!

  • 27th April 2015 / Reply

    I have to admit I wouldn't automatically reach for Collection, but this does look like a fab palette! xx

  • 28th April 2015 / Reply

    these seem great! i love collection for their waterproof eyeliner and concealer, definitely may try this!