No7 Make up Brush Cleanser

Review | Brushing with the No7 Make up Brush Cleanser

4th February 2016 by naffy

Untitled design (6) I have to admit, I have been slacking on the old chore of cleaning my make up brushes. A couple of weeks ago I ran out of my Dr Bronner Magic Soap which I used to clean my brushes and did not get around to repurchasing it. My birthday came around and as part of my present my sister had picked up the No7 Make up Brush Cleanser.

At first, I was very excited to try something new that I had herd very little about. I had a lot of brushes to go through from big foundation brushes to small eye brushes so I feel I was able to get a good hand on how the product worked.

The first thing I noticed when I used the NO7 cleanser was the smell. There was something slightly medicinal about it. This is nothing to be worried about in the sense that the smell does not transfer on to the brush but it does make you question the ingredients slightly.

In terms of cleaning the brushes I found the bigger the brush, the harder it was to get a good clean of your brushes. I was getting frustrated at how long it would take to clean my foundation brushes. As I mentioned they were not the cleanest brushes, however I know other soaps to clean them at a faster pace and with much more grit.

The eye brushes on the hand which are very small and are less dense compared to face brushes making them a lot quicker to wash and did not too much time. Unlike when I was cleaning my Real Techniques Sculpting brush I did not have to keep it under water for too long.

My overall thoughts are one of conflict. On one hand if you need a quick fix it does the job but I like the satisfaction of an intense cleanse for my make up brushes (helps in terms of keeping your skin clear and fresh too) which is why I will most likely end up returning to my Dr Bronner Magic Soap. The stuff really is magic.

  • Jen
    4th February 2016 / Reply

    I clean some of my brushes really regularly and others hardly ever – it’s hard to keep on top of! But then its really satisfying to do them all at once in a big batch. Interesting about this product – I’ve never tried a specialist “brush cleaner”, just soaps. I might give Dr Bronner’s a try :)

  • Jodi
    4th February 2016 / Reply

    Aw it’s too bad it wasn’t as good as Dr Bronners (though I don’t think anything is!). I’m using the Lavender Dr Bronners right now and it makes cleaning my brushes so relaxing ;p

  • Sarah
    4th February 2016 / Reply

    Ahh that’s such a shame, I was thinking of trying it but I’ll give it a miss. I like the Real Techniques one but the bottle is SO difficult to use that I hate using it! x

  • Ursula
    6th February 2016 / Reply

    Wow, that suck that you got such mix results from this brand! I still clean my brushes with shampoo and gets it done! But I will keep this in mind when I am at Target (they sell Boots/No. 7 brands).


  • Brigette Ramos
    7th February 2016 / Reply

    Oooh this sounds like a great product! I currently use the Beauty Blender Solid to cleanse my brushes but this sounds amazing. I’ll keep this one in mind when I run out. :)