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Redemption Bar, London Review

7th September 2016 by naffy

Aovado on Toast Vegan Dessert On my most recent trip to London I tracked down some nice places to eat and paid a visit to Redemption Bar in the Shoreditch area with my friend Holly.

I was attracted to Redemption Bar after reading about the ethos behind the restaurant. They believe enjoying food should not be at the expense of your health which is why all their branches are alcohol free and focused around Vegan and Plant Based foods.

When we arrived we were seated and presented with a lovely menu. It legitimately took us around 10 minutes to decide on what to eat as everything looked delicious. I wanted something with a Breakfast vibe, which is why I was torn between the Buckwheat Pancakes or Avocado on Sourdough Bread. (Fun Fact I have not had an true Avocado on Toast before ) After some deliberation, I opted for the Avo on Toast and to drink I went with the Redemption Surprise.

The Avocado on Toast had hints of lime and lemon in it which added a little bit of something to the dish. Along with the soft delicious Sourdough Bread I was honestly in toast heaven. The drink on the other hand, I will admit was not for me, it had a slight bitter taste to it which I was not expecting.

Holly on the on the other hand had the Sweet Potato fritters dish which also looked insane. (I made a mental note to give this a try the next time I was in London)

I had some work to do while I was in London so I decided to take advantage of the lovely setting and get some inspiration to do some work. So I decided to order some dessert I opted for the Chocolate Mousse with swirls of cashew cream. I am quite new to dairy alternatives so I was not sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by the cashew cream.  I found it decadent without being too filling and over powering and would definitely have it again. (I also want to try and make cashew cream at home)

The overall atmosphere of Redemption Bar was friendly and full of positive energy. I like visiting small independent eateries as you get a real sense of community and homely feel which is exactly what Redemption Bar was all about. While I was there, I was served by one of the owners who ended up chatting with me and Holly for a while which was absolutely lovely.

It is always nice to find a place to eat which you would like to go back too and I have to say Redemption Bar is one of those places. The next time I visit London I may have to make another sneaky trip.

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