race in the 21st century

3rd January 2012 by naffy

I was in my human rights lecture and this topic came up for my presentation. At first i was skeptical about doing this topic, i didn’t know how it would go. The more i researched however, the more i realised things i knew but kept at the back of my head. Racism still exists, weather it is a ethnic minority against the majority or vise versa. The problem still remains.

When my dad was growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s racism was prime. It was the time of Enoch Powell and the National Front. We do have it a lot more easier than previous generations. Or do we? This is something which my presentation was about and to a extent you could say we do but race is still a problem even in the 21st century. It can stop different people getting certain jobs, being treated a certain way at school. I know it does not happen openly and i know it is not everyone but there is still a lot more segregation needed within society. Things are moving in the right direction for sure but there is a lot more is needed to be done :).
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